Friday, December 26, 2008

1st day of work....uhh....a bit of a melt-down....errkkk.....

I did few mistakes on the job today...errkkk...1st day on the job and I've already made mistakes???!!!! Dayum~ Clearly something was bothering me...and I know what it is... *sigh* It was a good thing that the 'mrs' did not get mad at me. I thinks she understands cuz it's my 1st day and all...Phew~ I promised myself to do better next time. No mistakes! Or else I would get fired. I will have a 3 month trial for this job. All the newbies are in a 3 month trial. If we did an excellent job during the 3 month trial...we can keep our jobs. :D

My 1st day of work...kinda boring...but not so boring. I lost count of my I did rest my eyes for a few seconds...ekh, I wasn't suppose to do dat but i did. Lol~~~~ I did a lil bit of work that the mrs. told me to do. Yeah...the task was challenging...that was when I did my 1st mistake. Erk~~ but it was a small big...but could ruin my chance of keeping the job.

O ya, FYI, i am working at a local stationary shop dat sells...stationaries(duh~), school books and sporting goods. I need money to buy myself a new handphone!!!!!!! NOKIA 5310!!!!! o_o can't...wait....ekkkkk------ *beep*


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