Friday, January 1, 2010

It's 2010 yaw!

I'm just going to sum up what happened to me in 2009. I'm gonna share my memories and experience and my opinion towards the experience that I gained through out the year 2009.

I'd experienced major heart break and my soul was somewhat 'empty' for a few months after the break up. It hurts man...huhu~ (T_T).... But anyway, the break up was somehow a blessing in disguise. I'm somehow thankful that it happened coz I have other things to focus on other than relationships~ I've realized that having a boyfriend is not important for me at this age. Single means freedom~~ wahahaha... But in the mean time, I will look for my perfect man that fits my criteria...cewahhh....xD Like they say, every cloud has a silver lining. So, we have to move on~~~~~~

I got my 1st job and it lasted for 6 months... I've tried to tolerate with some of my workmates' attitude. I realized that some people are very egoistic and can't stand defeat. That is another challenge for me.

I entered college. A teacher's training college. I stayed in a hostel. It was my 1st time. I learned to be independent. Met new friends. Learned new dialects and cultures of other states in Malaysia. Mainly Kedahan and Sarawakian dialect. I tried to speak...some of my friends think its cute when I say them~ lol~ Ever since I enrolled in that college, people who knew that I was going to become a teacher called me 'cikgu' ...I guess I just have to get used to it. Hehe~~

My highlighted event of the was a breakdance competition called Redbull 2009: Battle of Borneo. I participated and got selected as one of the members for the Redbul team to represent Sabah even though I'm only a reserve for the team but still...I was proud. Now our team has a's called BORNEO SOUL BREAKERZ. Hope we'll do our best for this year's Battle of the Year Malaysia.

Hmm...other things to add up... I gained 3kg last year...haha~ Now I have chubbier cheeks than before. Before this, people kept saying that I was kinda thin. After I have gained 3kg...I guess that kept their mouth shut! Miahahaha~~~ I guess I ate a lot during the months of my working time. Furthermore, I didn't train breakdance that much. I got tired after work and neglected my training. The results? No fats were burned instead it compiled up in my body. Haha~~ Other than that, I curled my hair for the first time. I'm starting to love shoes and dresses! High heeled shoes and fancy dresses! A big change for me towards becoming a young lady~

January 2009...I looked thinner...look at the shape of my face.

June 2009...chubbier cheeks!!! xD
(I did not gain anymore weight after this.)

Notice the mild difference?? :D
But all of my clothes still fits me well...ohh yeahh...

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Anonymous said...

makin cute ko, kris! :D happy new year ;)