Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Plan your budget~

The allowance has just come out. I realized it has become an emotional and mental torture for me when the allowance was banked in late this month. I somehow had to skip meals and only depend on instant noodles which is bad for your health if it is consumed often. I need to plan my monthly budget. Spend less on unnecessary things especially clothes...=_=" I hope I could only spend more on my needs more than my wants. I kept on asking my parents for money...which I felt guilty and embarrassed about. Huhu~

Nowadays, I realize the prices of food are getting higher. They are mostly RM5 and above. I remembered 8 years ago when I was younger most food in restaurants and food courts only cost RM3 ++. But now....*haih*...our economy is going down the drain... I'm emphasizing on food because they are my daily needs!!!! And it is also because I'm staying in a college hostel...its illegal to cook at the hostel... I need to live!!!

Budget~ Budget~ @_@

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Sorbesque said...

alaa jahatnya kenot masak in hostel.