Monday, December 6, 2010

Adandoned buildings

Abandoned houses and buildings are cool sites for photoshoots. Good thing there are some here in Putatan. That's Farah, or as she likes to call herself - Ayumi. I call her 'Yumi' by the way. Here are two of my favourite shots:

I'm lovin the tone.

Lovin the angle, the tone and her pose. But it's overexposed. My bad. :/

There's more in my facebook page here. Check it out and comment. I have a lot of brushing up to do. Constructive criticisms are welcome.


Unknown said...

i tot it was u lar the first pic... she looks just like you.. hehe! nice shot btw... keep it up girl! ^^v

ZeLL~LeaH said...

haha~ dats a surprise comment...xD
ur welcome!!