2010’s resolution…hah? 2010???????

If you have been following my blog since the end of 2009, I did mention that my 2010 new year’s resolution would be to read more books and in the running to become a total bookworm. *geeky face* Which blog post I’m talking about??? It’s this one. And how was my progress? Well, that mission failed. The books that I browsed through at Times Book Store and planned on purchasing during early 2010 were no more of my interest. It’s 2011, I have other genres of books in mind. The main thing that kept me from reading was…assignments and also focusing on exams. I didn’t plan my time well. But now I know the perfect timing for me to read a book – before going to sleep. Spend about at least 30 minutes on reading.

I read few of my dad’s devotional books during the year-end holiday break and currently still reading them. I actually love reading now. I find pleasure in reading. I feel like I’m in my own world. No outside disturbance. I feel calm. Even reading the textbooks that I’m obligated to buy for this semester makes me feel calm. More knowledge going into my brain. Haha~! It’s better than going on Facebook 24/7. Deep down I feel Facebook is rather a nuisance. I thought of deactivating it permanently. But then, it keeps me connected with friends and it is used as an alternative for me to contact my fellow comrades whenever I ran out of talk time credit. And it’s also a place to show my photography work. Academic announcements are also made in Facebook. Therefore, I’m not able to permanently deactivate it. Nowadays, usually I only go on Facebook to check my notifications and also to check any important announcements. I didn’t even bother to check status updates from my Facebook friends but if I had the time and mood, I would. All I can say is – use it, but don’t abuse it. (hey, that rhymes! xD)

Allowance will be out soon (can’t wait!). I’m planning on buying at least two books and also other things. I have to plan my budget though. Don’t wanna go dry before the semester ends.
p/s: Plans on buying camera lenses will be put off until next semester. In the mean time, I will save some kachings (if I can).

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