Monday, April 18, 2011

annoying little heart

I don't know what dreams mean.
I tend to ignore them.
Sometimes I wake up and felt something from that dream.
It was as if it was real.
I tend to ponder on that dream when it affects my emotions in the morning - just for a few seconds.
Sometimes I hoped it happened in real life, sometimes not.
But I know it will not.
For this particular dream or dreamS...
He keeps on appearing in my dream.
It happened for the 8th time - that's a record!
Felt weird, annoyed, and yet, happy - temporary happiness in a dream.
It was like a series...shown part by part.
In reality, I know it was not meant to be.

Maybe I haven't fully got over that feeling?
My mind and my heart disagrees with each other.
I agree with my mind, but I'm annoyed by my own heart.
Don't you think it's insane?

Mind - forget about it.
Heart - the dream is maybe a sign.
Mind - a dream is just a dream.
Heart - sometimes i wished dreams come true.
Mind - stop giving yourself false hope.
Me - (=_=)" (x_x) (~_~)

Emotionally, I'm weird.
Is it an affect from the past?
I don't know.
Maybe it is.

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