Saturday, December 22, 2012

Big Bad Wolf mega book fair!

It was held in Mines International Exhibition Convention Centre at Sri Kembangan. The books sold were cheaper than the books in BookXcess! The 6 books that I bought were only in a range of RM6 - RM12! A jaw-dropping price range for book readers everywhere! Now I have 11 books to be brought back to Sabah (17 days left)! I hope they won't exceed my luggage limit. 

I bought:

For One More Day - Mitch Albom
A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens
Hard Times - Charles Dickens
Little Women - Louisa May Alcott
Blink - Malcolm Gladwell
On Second Thought - Wray Herbert

The last book listed is actually for my brother.

I am currently interested in reading classical literature. Another genre that I'm trying to endeavor in reading. 

Now I can fill my semester break with reading the 9 remaining books (out of the 10 books that I had recently bought, I only managed to complete 1 of them). I dislike wasting my 2 months of semester break with mindless things. Let this upcoming semester break be a productive semester break!

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