Analytical intelligence VS practical intelligence

If you are reading this, you might be following my blog for a particular reason. You may want to read my opinion on current issues or perhaps to read an essay in which where I analyze movies or a real world phenomenon. When you are reading my piece, I might come off as someone who is particularly ‘bright’ in academic area. But in the real world, my analytical skills have no practical value. In short, I am smart and dumb at the same time. I lack practical intelligence. I may have already realized this myself for quite a while.

I guess having this kind of intelligence is more valued than having analytical intelligence because analytical skills is only of use when we’re tackling an issue by looking at different theories and perspectives. Majority of the people in the world are mostly concerned with whether what we do has a practical value or not. Not everyone has a passion and interest in learning theories that exist in the world. While that might make me somewhat ‘odd’, in order to stay grounded in reality, I need to be aware of what’s practical because that’s what gets me through life most of the time.
Sometimes I beat myself up for having this lack of practical intelligence because without a mastery of it, being proud of my analytical skills is nothing because in the end, getting stuff done should be in the forefront of how go about living my life. Analytical intelligence is an intelligence that I value in which many people don’t. 
Overall, I pride myself in being analyical, but it would be better if I hone my practical intelligence as well. 

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