Anger Management

Usually people would shout when they are angry. The anger triggered the volume of their voice to shoot up. But I believe that when you are angry, you don’t have to maximize the volume of your voice. At least I apply that when I’m in anger with someone. I think that when you are angry, your aim is just to let the person know that they’ve done something that he/she shouldn’t have done and NOT to damage the ears of that person due to the maximized volume of your voice. It’s okay to get angry at someone. But how you handle the matter is what matters the most. 
For me personally, I’ll talk to that person politely. Other than that, what type of person are you angry at? Is it a stranger? Sometimes, we do tend to get angry in public places and sometimes it might involve a stranger. For example, maybe you are lining up and someone cuts in front of you or you are not satisfied with the food that the restaurant  served you or maybe someone accidentally had knocked you in the middle of a crowd. No matter what it is, you should talk politely especially to a stranger! There is no need of shouting to express your dissatisfaction. No matter whether you are much older than the person or you have a higher ranking in the society than the person does, respect & politeness is important!
I am appalled by people who have no sympathy but have the nerve to shout at strangers. 
“”In your anger do not sin”: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry,” – Ephesians 4:26

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