Book review: ‘A Room of One’s Own’ by Virginia Woolf (5/5 Stars!)

I don’t own a physical copy of her book so I Googled pictures of the cover and decided that this appealed to me the most. hehe

Informative & insightful. Her arguments are not based on selective information nor her emotions & regards as a woman but it’s based on her readings such as the writings of men about women, how women are portrayed in fiction that are written by men AND women, and her readings about women writers before her time. Of course, this book’s purpose is not about hating men. The book doesn’t possess any tones in hating men at all. I must say she had done her research well prior to writing this essay.

Although the intellectual freedom that was given to women have progressed so much since the days of Jane Austen and even during the days of Virginia Woolf herself, there are men who still think that they are of the superior gender, looking down on women, and making jokes about women on the Internet. They treat women as if we’re merely objects with no soul. One comment that Woolf had put forward was that men in the past which includes Shakespeare (based on their writings and whatnot as summarized by Woolf herself) only emphasized the inferiority of women and often ignored their profound intellectual capability because they had the fear of being challenged by the opposite sex, in which I think is a disgrace in terms of how they assert their superiority. It seems shallow, low minded & inconclusive of evidence. I applaud some of the men nowadays that view how women can also be as successful as them and not possessing of such an absolute patriarchal mindset because I don’t think that men in the past would have even dared to have this kind of mindset in fear of how other men would perceive them a.k.a being protective of their ego.

On another note, I’m grateful that we have come a long way for women to express their thoughts in writings. If women were still restricted to write and express their thoughts openly, we wouldn’t have writers such as J.K Rowling, the female writer whom had opened up the imagination of children into the world of Hogwarts and taught them about friendship, in which later her creative intelligence was brought further and was being made into a hit Hollywood blockbuster admired by people from all ages and all over the world.

The women of this era (especially aspiring women writers) have a lot to thank for for having the freedom of intellectual expression and deserving of the same position as men not solely in the area of writing but also in terms of the different aspects in our everyday life.

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