Book worm???

I’ve been thinking a lot lately…thinking about…to finally inculcate reading habit within myself. My parents kept on pestering me to read…… Honestly, I don’t hate reading actually but I’m not that type of person who is fond of reading. Which means…I’m not a book worm. I do read…but for educational purposes only…which means…studying or revising for exams. That’s it. Haha~ I realized that by reading books, we can shape our personality and our perception towards the world (thanks to Social Studies for making me realize that…hahaha). Plus it improves our grammar and vocabulary. So I thought, why not try buying some books and be a book worm for once in a while?? It won’t hurt anyone… But off course, i would have to find time to read them… I’m currently in my semester break so I guess I should start now..but only after I have completed my ISL….=_=”…arghhh. I keep on procrastinating…must refrain from doing that…(>,<) I'm sure, when the new semester starts, I won't be able to have the time to read them. I'm not sure what kind of books that I like to read. I guess I should start slowly.. See??? I myself don't know what genre of books that interests me. Adedehh.... I guess I should browse the bookstores around kk... I'll bring my bookworm brother along with me..ahaks... His dream is to live in a huge library filled with millions of books and read all of the books day and night....nonstop. @_@..ok i was joking but that is how i could describe how 'bookwormed' he is...hahahaha~~~ Through out my whole 18 years of life…I’ve only managed to complete reading 4 books…hahahha~~ can’t beat my brother… At least I’ve completed reading them okaayyyy… All of the four books were about Christianity…oh..I’m so no la…I just wanna read them and know more about my religion. I think I stopped reading more because I initially don’t have time and I was occupied with my studies and breakdance. So, I guess I should make time for reading. Could this be my new year’s resolution?? Could be…ahaks… Most of our lecturers advised us to read more so that our thinking will not be shallow and we could think more critically… I like the advice.

The books that I managed to complete

My brother’s mini library…lol~


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