2019 reading routine

Compared to 2017 and 2018, if I look at my list of books (physical or e-book), the numbers have decreased. I think I’ve only read 30 plus books this year. However, I prefer quality over quantity. Apart from physical or…Read more

2018: A year in review

My mental health 2018 is the year where I consider my mental health as one of my top priorities. Prior to 2018, I was not aware about any mental health issues. But after knowing about one of my relatives having…Read more

2017 reading routine

Many have asked me how I managed to find the time to read despite being busy working. Well, here are the how’s. 1. Working in an interior area has been an advantage for me as a reader as I get…Read more

My bookstore adventures #1: London (part 1)

On 22nd of December 2015, it was 8 Celcius outside. Coming from a tropical country, my body wasn’t used to the weather. I had a mild nosebleed. It dried up inside of my nose. I looked at my brother. He…Read more

A week in London!

  So I finally visited the capital of the land of our former masters – London! The obligatory picture for every London visitor. What kind of London visitor who wouldn’t want to pose with Big Ben? Fought off the jet lag…Read more

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