Movie analysis of ‘Bad Genius’

It’s the most hyped up movie as of August 2017. It’s a Thai movie about a genius girl who designed a fool-proof cheating system and made profit out of it. It even got 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The movie…Read more

Intellectual humility

Conversations with a friend earlier today made me realize that many people around us have a lot of knowledge regarding what they’re passionate about (politics, social issues, religion, etc)or regarding their field of work. But very few people express a…Read more

Intellectual discussions

Let intellectual discussions not be a platform for showing off who is more brilliant, but a platform for sharing information & learning. A successful intellectual discussion for me is the one that has constructed a new piece of information in…Read more

Proselytizing on school grounds? Unnecessary.

I understand that adherents of every religion have a desire for each and everyone to embrace their way of life and beliefs. But please, leave them out of the school compound. There are instances where I hear teachers ‘help’ with…Read more

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