criticising religion= free speech

For the first half of the year in 2019, a few of the issues that attracted the nation was that there were a few Malaysian netizens who insulted Islam (read article here) on social media and the result was that the…Read more

Malaysians, aren’t we all liberals?

There is a misconception towards the concept of ‘liberals’ in Malaysia (and I heard this happens in Indonesia as well). It seems to be used as a derogatory word without understanding the meaning of it. By observing social media posts…Read more

Woman:The cause of man’s downfall?

A few days after Malaysia has formed a new government, tales of Datin Sri Rosmah, the wife of Datuk Sri Najib had surfaced. Much of it was about her collection of Hermes Birkin bags found in one of their homes.…Read more

Freedom of speech

After the recent Malaysian 14th General Election, many of its citizens are anticipating changes and one of them is freedom of speech. The Alliance of Hope (Pakatan Harapan) has promised to abolish laws that impede freedom of speech which is…Read more

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