reading a lot ≠ intelligent

For the past week, after having a brief conflict with an online stranger who equates reading a lot with being intelligent, I kept thinking a lot about the concept of intelligence. Since I am open about being an avid reader…Read more

To the easily offended

I remember one time when a lecturer (who was a Muslim) told us that The Quran is ‘just a book’ and then one of the students replied ‘how dare you’ even when the lecturer clearly said that it’s a perspective…Read more

Emotional or just irrational?

There has been a great deal of misassumption regarding the role of emotions and its values in our daily lives. We usually say ‘don’t be emotional’ but what we actually mean is ‘don’t be irrational’. Many tend to think that…Read more

The significance of ‘gossips’

When I was younger, I would scorn at gossips. I always consider gossip to be a waste of mental capacity. I wouldn’t want people to be nosy about my business so why would I want to be nosy about theirs?…Read more

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