Outward appearance VS Inward traits

With our eyes immediately set on any person’s face, I guess it’s normal for our brain to judge whether a person is attractive or less attractive. However, the term attractive is a subjective term. So, one person may deem a…Read more


I’ve just finished reading the second chapter of  ‘Love as a way of life’ by Gary Chapman. Below are my thoughts regarding ‘kindness’ which covers the second chapter of the book. “I’ll be kind to you if you will be…Read more

Anger Management

Usually people would shout when they are angry. The anger triggered the volume of their voice to shoot up. But I believe that when you are angry, you don’t have to maximize the volume of your voice. At least I…Read more

Valentine’s Day, a pagan celebration.

As we all know, Valentine’s Day is a one day celebration where you can celebrate it with your loved ones. Typically, couples would celebrate it. The celebration is even being commercialized and is thought of as a ‘special’ celebration for…Read more

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