Woman:The cause of man’s downfall?

A few days after Malaysia has formed a new government, tales of Datin Sri Rosmah, the wife of Datuk Sri Najib had surfaced. Much of it was about her collection of Hermes Birkin bags found in one of their homes.…Read more

My thoughts on the ‘Sumandak Sabah’ song

The song ‘Sumandak Sabah’ is a song that’s currently being frequently played on the radio. Albeit it’s a fun and catchy tune, I can’t help but to analyze the lyrics of the song. A few phrases have caught my attention.…Read more

When a woman THINKS like a man

Recently I met up with an old friend. I remembered that we initially discussed about religion and then we moved on to talking about China and USA’s economic relationship and then lastly to the difference between how most men and…Read more

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