Changing to Nikon D3100~

Since it replaces the Nikon D3000, i might as well buy this one. At first I was going to buy the Nikon D3000 this December but then I thought its going to phase out soon because of the Nikon D3100. In fact, due to its cheap price, I think its going to be out of stock by December….=_=. The extended features that can be found in the Nikon D3100 are live view mode, HD video recording and 14.2 mpxel ( 4 mpxel higher than the Nikon D3000).

I’m going to get this by December. Right now I’m seriously saving up some money to buy this. I say ‘seriously’ because some of the money had been used to buy my new laptop. T_T. Even so, my parents still agreed to add up some few amounts of money for the camera. I will save up to RM1000++. Can’t rely on my parents alone~ >_<>

Looking at Nikon DSLR cameras really trigger me…and haunt me… @_@
Wait for me Nikon D3100!!!!


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