No amount of material possessions could make my heart flutter when I have a man that have his thoughts complement with mine. You may think that is not enough. You may think that is not love. To me, it is the greatest kind of love for someone to have. A priceless gift to receive, to have, to hold, and to keep. To think and to speak of the most important matters of the world with the one person who makes up a small percentage of my own little world. 
Disagreements can be resolved not with the matters of the heart but with the logic and rationality of our thoughts. 
Him and I are different in many ways but those differences complement and accentuate how both of us speak, perceive, think, and feel. The similarities that we have only heighten the nature of this little bond that we have. 
Therefore, I am currently grateful. But how long can this go on? With the limited nature of our minds, the answer to this question will always be unknown.

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