Craved for KFC~ xD

Yahhh!!! I was craving for KFC since this Wednesday!! I finally get to eat it today!! (wew~ such an excitement when it comes to KFC…hahaha) If I’m craving for something, I must get it! Wahahha~~~ My little BIG SIZED bro(dats wat my dad said..xD) and I went to KFC centre point branch. It’s a good thing I brought my ATM card with me or else I won’t have the chance to end my cravings for KFC. Huhu~~ *childish* haha~

i ordered snack plate with Iced Lemon Tea…xD (are u drooling now?? huahua…)

i gave my salad to him..dats my bro btw…he luuuurves the KFC salad..

Later on, I went to browse some shoes. One style of shoe caught my eye. I tried it on. It’s comfy and light. Easy to walk in. I think it’s about 2-3 inch high. It’s affordable btw. And it’s the ‘IN’ thing now for shoes like that. I’m aiming for dat one!!! Suddenly i’m interested in shoes with heels(I never knew I had it in me…haha). Hey, I have to wear shoes with heels cuz I have a petite sized body okaayyy… Huhu~

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