A teenage girl almost committed suicide in her toilet. She did that cuz of a broken heart. She was immediately rushed to the hospital. She lost a lot of blood. Fortunately, she’s in a stable condition right now. I heard this story from a friend. This incident happened not far from where I live.

I understand why some people are willingly to hurt themselves…so that the pain they feel in their heart would disappear and they would rather feel physical pain. I’ve been there… It’s not worth it… Cutting oneself does not solve the problem that you are facing. You have to have the courage to stay strong. Cutting urself only makes u look weak. And furthermore…people might lable u as…’EMO’…lol~ ok, that was a joke. ;p It’s better to move on rather than thinking about hurtful things that has happened to you. Always look on the bright side. Only time can heal a broken heart. Eventhough it takes a long time.

I know a few people who cuts themselves after being heart broken. Don’t make yourself look weak. Don’t hope for others to sympathize you. Stay strong. Stand tall. Have courage. Have faith. Talk to someone about it.

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