DIY Kindle cover/casing

Circumstances have made myself resorted to owning a Kindle. Thanks to my brother, since he got back from London, he’s Kindle caught my attention. It’s an e-reader which you can download and store thousands of books in it. Although it may never beat the experience of owning a real physical book,  it does have its advantages in terms of convenience in carrying it everywhere you want. This does not mean I won’t buy physical books anymore though. There are times where books are sold at a cheaper price so I guess that’s when I’d resort to buying one.
I ordered mine online because I think it’s almost impossible to look for a store that sells Kindle products anywhere around K.K. As it is currently on its way (its arrival would be quite late because the Post Office is having 2 days off of Raya holiday), I thought of making a casing for it. Yeah, my Raya holiday is filled with making DIY projects. This is my 3rd one. I think it’s going to be the last one as I have pending assignments to focus on. 

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