Effectiveness of collagen powder (with scientific evidence) + buy Lennox’s collagen powder

collagen powder effectivess with scientific evidence
Reaching almost 30, I am aware that the fine lines on my face are starting to appear. Apart from having an anti-aging skincare routine, I also consume collagen. I add it in my daily beverages. It’s almost tasteless! I’ve been consuming it since I was 26 and I don’t intend to stop. 
To convince you that collagen powders do actually work, I’m not going to show you a before and after picture of my face. I’m going to explain it’s effectiveness based on a systematic review of oral collagen supplements done by Choi, Sung, Juhasz, and Mesinkovzk (2019). Oh look at the year! The systematic review is recent!
This is based on a randomized-controlled trial which means that according to the hiearchy of evidence, it has lower risk of bias and higher quality of evidence. If I were to just explain the effectiveness to you by just telling you about my experiences with it, then it will be higher in terms of biasness and lower in terms of quality of evidence. The higher the quality of evidence, the stronger the evidence. Refer to the triangle below.

The systematic review was based on research done on human subjects (which means,  it’s you and I *wink*). 805 patience were included in the review. The review concluded that oral collagen supplements can increase skin elasticity, hydration, and collagen density.

Are you convinced now that collagen supplements actually work for dermatological purposes? So, why wait? If you are above 25 years of age and you are concerned with those fine lines, it’s the right time for you do drink them up and mix them into your favourite cup of coffee! I do it everyday! But you can just add the thing with plain water. It still works. (Yeah, so the picture I use in this post is actually relevant. lol)
Where do I usually buy collagen powder you ask? I usually buy it at Watsons. But if you’re lazy to go to the physical store, you can just order it online! The brand that I use is Lennox’s brand of collagen powder. Click here for purchase! Occasionally, I also drink Kinohimitsu’s Collagen Activ. This one is quiet convenient when you are constantly traveling. 
Choi, F., Sung, J., Juhasz, M., & Mesinkovsk, M. (2019). Oral Collagen Supplementation: A Systematic Review of Dermatological Applications. J Drugs Dermatol,Jan 1(18), 1st ser., 9-16. Retrieved July 15, 2019, from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30681787?report=abstract.

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