I know that to some people, whenever we’re in a relationship, we tend to bring our handphones to wherever we go. Some might even bring their phones to the toilet. Ok, maybe that’s a little bit exaggerated but it happens. I used to do that. xD Why? Because some are so eager to reply the text messages from their significant other and doesn’t want to keep him/her waiting. 
When you are in a relationship, the phone will ring almost everyday because your significant other is on the other line. That is good, it is to strengthen the bond. Other than that, reloading your talk time credit is sort of compulsory right at the moment when you are out of talk time credit.
After for almost three years, I am so used to not bringing my phone ‘everywhere’ and not hearing the phone ringing everyday. I don’t even have to be anxious when I ran out of talk time credit. It kind of gives me peace.
But IF(means that I am emphasizing on possibilities) the LORD has now finally answered my prayers, I think that is all about to change. But adapting to it won’t be hard.


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