Today, each and everyone was pointed at their flaws (and some were positive characteristics). Other people tend to know about us more than we know about ourselves and sometimes we don’t even realize that we possess such characteristics.

My flaws that were being mentioned were…(Note: Sometimes having flaws can be a positive thing)
Number #1: Straightforward
Sometimes I’m being too honest when I talk and would not think before I talk. I know being straightforward is good but some people couldn’t accept too honest answers. Sometimes it hurts. I like being honest but when it comes to being too honest, I think there’s a problem in there somewhere. Therefore now, I tend to think…’should I, or should I not answer straightforwardly? Should I change my sentences? Should I tell it the other way around so that people won’t get hurt?’ I tend to be careful when I speak nowadays. I’m kind of proud having this characteristic actually…hahahha~~ but yeah, not everyone will like it.
Number #2: Too serious
I’ve heard this a gazillion (is there even such a thing?) times already…. Maybe it’s because of my facial expression? My mood? I do joke around sometimes but people tend to see me more as the serious type. Maybe there are certain times when I have a lot of things to think about, I’ll tend to give that serious look to people without even realizing it. 
Number #3: Get angry easily
I’m not sure about this one. Hm, usually I’d get angry when I’m being serious (especially regarding work) and the other person is not serious enough to cooperate and guiltlessly joke around. Yes, that annoys me. But I don’t shout or speak out disgraceful words. My tone might be angry but it’s angry-calm tone..LOL. Get what I mean?
Number #4: Easily manipulated
I’m still not sure how people could manipulate me. I’m still trying to understand this. All I have to do is to be careful.
I love my new curls…lalalalala~~~ x)

p/s: I have one weakness that I realized within these few days. I have trouble getting up straight away after my alarm went on. I tend to snooze [snooze bkn alang2 snooze…sampai 1 jam ba ter-snooze..LOL]. I’m trying to face this weakness and wake up straight away. I haven’t achieved waking up in 5 o’clock in the morning. ~_~ *sigh*

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