Food indulgence

One fact about me : I LOVE FOOD. Especially food from franchised restaurants like Sushi King, Pizza Hut & Upper Star. One of the restaurant that I currently love the most is Upperstar. I’d crave for it every month. But off course I had to ask someone to accompany me to indulge in the goodness and the tastiness of the food or else I would look sad eating all alone in a restaurant. 
In the midst of the indulgence, I have to watch my figure. That means, go on an exercise every week! I gain weight easily if I don’t watch my food intake and exercise. 
Last week at UpperStar Segama. With my cousin Ryan.
Lamb Chop will always be my fav~! ^.^
At Sushi King Warisan Square last month with my juniors.

P/s: I think I’m going to treat the whole family steamboat around next month. Wait until my brother comes back from KL. I must fulfill my desires in eating. Lol~ xD

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