Fried mac n cheese with chicken

My own version of mac n cheese? Haha~ Looks more like popcorn chicken to me. Decided to make my own recipe of mac n cheese. Since the original mac n cheese is chicken-less, not fried and the macaroni is not blended, I added chicken and blended the macoroni for this one. Ingredients are – chicken breast, salt, flour, egg, elbow macoroni, cheese spread.


1. Soften the macoroni by using hot water. (Boil it if u want it to soften faster)

2. Blend the chicken breast and the softened macoroni.

3. Add salt.

4. Add cheese spread and mix it with the chicken breast and macaroni.

5. Add flour and egg. Mix it.

6. Fry it!

Reminder: Do not add too much cheese spread otherwise it’ll mask the taste of the chicken. (My mistake of the day. haha~)


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