Goodbye 2010. Hello 2011.

Like some bloggers, they would like to do a little bit of reflection for their life in the past year. I would like to do the same. This is going to be a long post. If you are willing to read, thank you. If not, hehe…I’m sorry. x)

2010 was the year that I’ve spent my last year of being a teenager. Since my birthday is on the twelfth day after the New Year, when that day comes, my age will be added and my life will be shortened. But I’m thankful and grateful that I’ve lived until today to explore the days ahead of me.

2010 was the year that I almost fell into the darkness but thank God that I’ve managed to climb my way back into the light and to feel His love. I did many things that are not worthy in front of God’s eyes. I was confused and did not know what I was doing. I was blindly doing it. It was foolish indeed. I was too caught up with this world’s evil perspectives than to feel God’s love and obey His words. People make mistakes that they are not even aware of…that includes me. I’m thankful to be saved. I’m thankful to return to the life that God wanted me to live. I’m thankful to have realized it before it was too late. I’m thankful to Jesus Christ who has entered into my life and He has never left me even when I had furthered myself away from Him. This doesn’t make me a 100% perfect person but I hope to live by His word for as long as I live.

2010 was also the year that I learnt what true friendship meant and I have to thank my friends for that. The experiences and struggles with them, whether it is directly or indirectly, have made me realize what friends can do for you and also discover the values of friendship. Before this, I’ve never really understood what friendship is all about and its values. I was quite a loner at heart eventhough I hung out with some people but then friendship value was zero to me. I have to admit, I’m not a friendly person. I tend to be very quite around with people that I’ve just met. I’ll wait for someone to talk to me instead of me starting a conversation with them. Usually, people’s first impression towards me is that I’m snobbish or something like that but I don’t want people to have that kind of impression towards me. I’m still trying to change this attitude of mine. I’m just shy talking to new people. I also don’t trust a lot of people. I tend to be careful with whom I’m friends with. Currently, I don’t really have a person or two that you would call a ‘bestie’ but all of the people that I’m close to, I really appreciate their existence in my life. One quote that is very important in friendship – “True friends stab each other at the front, not at the back.” This means, we have to be honest to our friends eventhough maybe some of our remarks may hurt them a little but it shows that we care for them and it is for their own good…but it is also up to them to understand. A true friend will off course understand. Other than that, apologising is also important once you have realized that you’ve made a mistake to them. Not only to a friend, but this also applies to everyone that matters in our life. We just have to put our ego down.

Something from tumblr:

A true friend,

Cares like a MOM,

Scolds like a DAD,

Teases like a SISTER,

Irritates like a BROTHER,

& best of all,

LOVES more than a LOVER.

2010 was also the year that I was totally single! Well, I was almost completely single as I had a boyfriend earlier this year (say what?!?!). But it was nothing serious as our relationship only lasted for a week (say what?!?!). Honestly, I didn’t think it was a real relationship. So, yea, no real relationship for this year as I was emotionally single. LOL~ I did have feelings with a couple of guys though (urgh~). But it was nothing serious as it was only a crush. Honestly, I dislike this habit of mine. It’s very unproductive to be thinking about someone who doesn’t have a mutual feeling towards yourself. *pffftt* I’ve been praying everyday so that my future husband (LOL) will appear~ I don’t know when will that be but I trust God in his plan for me and also the signs that He is giving me. At the end of November 2010, I’ve read a Christian book; it’s called “God’s Design for Christian Dating”. According to the book, it is not about finding the right person, but it is about being the right person first. That means, I first have to be the right person in God’s eyes and only then the right person will come into my life. Still don’t understand what I’m saying? Read the book, then you’ll understand. 😀 Eventhough I have been in a few relationships before, I still have yet to understand the true meaning of love and also to feel its real ‘magic’.

To my future husband (from tumblr):

Wherever you are, I want you to know that I pray for you everyday. I can’t wait to meet you and spend the rest of my life with you. I pray that you are loving the Lord every day and leaning on His word in those tough times. I love you so much, see you soon. (Andrea Riccardi)

There you have it my friends, my 2010 reflection. 2011 is another year that I will explore and learn about myself and the people around me. I hope not to only become more mature in my thoughts but I also hope to mature spiritually.

Happy New Year 2011!!!

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