Guessing game – ”GUESS THAT WORD” (Low intermediate ESL speaking activity)

guess that word

Subject: English

Level: Low-intermediate (CEFR level: A2 – B1)
SOLO taxonomy level : Unistructural (Define, identify, name, draw, find, label, match, follow a simple procedure)
Skills: Speaking

Learning objectives: 
a)  Recall events of the novel
b) Explain the definition of the words based on the context of the novel
c) Give the the correct word based on the explanation of the word
c) Speak confidently in the front of the class
Rules of the game:

1. Every group will be given 5 vocabularies related to Captain Nobody (or any text that you is find appropriate).

2. The representative of the group will give the definition of the words based on the context of Captain Nobody.

3. If one of the opposing groups can guess the word based on the definition, they will obtain 10 points. But the presenting group does not obtain any points.

4. If none of the opposing groups can provide the answer, the presenting group obtains 10 points.

5. The presenting group will only have 1 minute to explain the definition. Within that 1 minute, the opposing groups will try to give the answer. If no correct answers were given by the opposing groups within that 1 minute, 10 points will be given to the presenting group.

6. Students must put up their hands if they want to provide the answer, if not 5 points will be deducted. (Classroom management strategy)

7. The game will be played for 5 rounds (but this depends on the time that you have for a lesson). Each group defines 1 vocabulary for every round. Get every student in the group to present the definition.

1. Divide the students into groups of 5.
2. Teacher gives the 5 vocabularies to every group (this is the limit for a 2 period (40 minutes each period) lesson).
3.  Teacher gives students 20-30 minutes to discuss how they plan to give the definition based on the context of Captain Nobody.
4. After 20 minutes, the game will start.

Provide these prompts to the students:

This object is used when…
[Character name] uses this object to….
The object is used because….
The place where the object is used is ….
(Add your own description)
The place is where____________ happened….
[The character] is at the place because….
It was when ________________ is at this place….
(Add your own description)
The person/animal did __________because….
This person/animal went to [a name of a place]….
This person/animal has a relationship with …..
(Add your own description)
The action is done by [character name]
The action is done because….
The action is done in/at/on…..[place or time]
(Add your own description)
[Character name] feels this feeling when…..
He/she feels this feeling because….
(Add your own description)
Note: I conducted this activity specifically for a novel that they’re studying for SPM. But this can be conducted for other teaching purposes.

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