HipHop Jam

It was held on the 15th of March 2009 at Growball Cafe, Palm Square Centre Point. I was there to support my crew. They performed. I’m so proud of them!!! I couldn’t perform with them as I had no time to train for the showcase. Besides the showcase, my crew also joined a battle.O ya, i joined the battle this time. We battled againts Xydro Family…we lost by the way but I think we only lost cuz we were lack of crew routines. Xydro did a lot of routines and served us….dayum~

Pictures from the event!!!

Bgirl Yun and me!!! (with our crew logo printed on our tshirt!!)
Zodiac Crew featuring bgirl bei bei, bboy craze jay and bboy monkey…

Entrance to the Growball Cafe.

B-boys gathering on the dance floor

For more info on the event, visit –

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