I miss you

The clock shows that it is 2.07am as I start typing this. I was hungry in my sleep. Therefore, here i am. Just finished drinking tea and eating some biscuits. Currently, Sabahan Troll is opened in the other tab. Tried to laugh my a** off to sleep. I don’t know how but eventually I will. 
As I browsed through Sabahan Troll’s comics, that’s when it hit me. I MISS SABAH and everything about Sabah.  Well, KK to be specific. Few of my Sabahan friends are in Sabah for one week for the mid term break. While I’m here in Shah Alam.  Good thing I have a supply of movies, books to read and off course, a test to study for to occupy myself during this one week of mid term break. 
One of the things that I keep on missing about Sabah is ‘Centre Point’!!! Because I always thought that people who live near to Centre Point are lucky (p/s: never take CP for granted). When you are bored at home or at the hostel (IPG Gaya students, you know what I’m talking about…haha), without thinking twice, you’d automatically decide to hang around in Centre Point just to get out of the ‘cage’. Well, at least, that is what I’d do. 
Other reasons why I miss CP:
– i will often bump into familiar faces
– Growball, cheap movie tickets and short queuing line
– nasi ayam CP
– near to the campus (IPG Gaya) 
– cheap bus fare (90 cents from IPG Gaya, RM 1.80 from my house)
Centre Point might not be as huge as the malls that are in KL (even 1Borneo is not as huge as the malls here) but it sure does bring a significance to me.
I have about 2 months plus left before I can finally see my family, my puppies, my bed, my *ehem2* and off course, Centre Point!!!
The clock now shows that it is 2:33am. I shall now continue browsing through Sabahan Troll. *away*

Found this at Sabahan Troll’s FB page.
This surely speaks to me. 


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