I quit~

I know this was somehow going to happen. I’m quitting from Borneo Soul Breakerz (BSB). At first they decided to expel me from the crew coz they thought that I don’t have any passion to be involved in the crew. And it’s also coz of my constant absence from training in the studio. It’s not that I don’t want to go for training…it’s just that certain situations won’t allow me to go for training at studio. Eg.: No transport, exams, stuck in prison a.k.a home. I was given a second chance. I was given a 2 month trial. If I am always present during training sessions, I would have the chance to go BOTY with them. But after a long period of thinking, I decided to put my studies first and quit BSB. Besides, Zodiac Crew is all I need. =D BSB is a breakdancing crew which is sponsored by Redbull. Their schedule is quite packed and I don’t have the time to fit in to their schedule.

I would still go for training sessions but not at the studio… It’s at Putatan. Breaking by the seaside! Villo Clans Family and Zodiac Crew! Hehe~~
Memories of being in BSB…(heh, not much)

Thank u for giving me the chance to be part of Borneo Soul Breakerz~ All the best to u guys…

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