I welcome this solitude

Voices permeate the air. Chuckles seem to be sticking on the walls. My ears hear them but they do not want to listen. I’m perched here at a corner. My eyes are scanning the space and the people moving about in it. Smiles and frowns curve on their faces. Sounds of amusement coming out from their mouths. Delighting, celebrating, gossiping, and criticizing. Perhaps all in one go. At least, those were the essence to which I had detected.
So I looked on. I find myself having a sole desire to talk. But not talking of the seemingly unimportant matters that come out from their mouths. No, none of those. My brain doesn’t tickle with those, my words will only be little, with monosyllabic response which to them I seem to be crippled of speech. I muster all of my energy to cover my face with a mask to create a successful facade. But in truth, it’s only draining my energy into wasteland. 
The space then seems hollow. I’m perched here in the middle. The hollowness gives me joy and confidence. My mind danced with imagination. I’m left in my own world. I’m energized by this empty space that’s deserving of my attention. No voices permeate the air. No chuckles sticking on the walls. The joyful silence seeps into my ears. I listen nothing but to my own heart and mind, to conjure anything that seeks of amusement. 
I welcome this solitude with an open heart because solitude is a bliss.

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