A person will always have something or someone that inspires them in order for them to be motivated in doing what they love. I am always fascinated by pictures that have artistic values in them. My inspiration for photography came from the pictures that I saw when I was younger during primary school. I couldn’t remember the exact picture that I saw but it did inspire me eventhough it was only up to a certain level. I wasn’t serious about it back then as I was only a little kid.

Few years later, I was more inspired when I had Facebook. I viewed some of the photographer’s artwork. All I can say was —- SUPERB!!!! I was astonished by their artwork. Many of them had inspired me into actively engage in photography. I wish to work with them someday. Or at least, have photography outings with them. Besides, I can learn a lot from them. I’m just an amateur photographer. I do photography only for my own pleasure. It’s like a drug to me. xD

I took a quiz. The quiz was “Which famous photographer are you?” I got Henri Cartier Bresson. A French photographer. Lived from August 22, 1908 and died on August 3, 2004. His claim to international fame came when he captured Gandhi’s funeral in India.

One of his famous quotes were-

“We are passive onlookers in a world that moves perpetually. Our only moment of creation is that 1/125th of a second when the shutter clicks, the signal is given, and motion is stopped…”

I see eye to eye with him on this one. I guess the quiz was correct. Hehe… x)

This is him…
Below here are two of his famous artwork which are my personal favourites:


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