It’s the inside that counts

I know what I’m about to say is cliche, in fact, even the title sounds cliche.  
Let me ask you, how many times have you been attracted to a person just because of their looks? Does love at first sight ring a bell? But like they say, looks aren’t everything and can be deceiving. To tell you the truth, I was once a victim. I’ve learned my lesson after that. Never to fall prey on to guys who have the looks just to deceive girls. Not only looks, but also sweet words and promises that ended up being unfulfilled. Oh, the naive-young-teenage Zell. [FYI, I’m still young but getting older. I’ll be 21 in 2 months! *big smile*]
As a girl, a normal girl, I do get attracted to attractive boys…because I’m a normal girl. But, again, like they say, looks aren’t everything. The guy could look like Zack Efron or Jesse McCartney and  still deserves a slap in the face. He could serenade you and tell you that he loves you but doesn’t really prove that in his actions. Actions are louder than words my friend. [Again, something cliche.]

I’m now grasping on to look through his heart first and not on his looks. 
Looks are just temporary, while attitude and personality last forever…
I’m looking for a good heart, while good looks is just a bonus.
p/s: This kind of cliche is beneficial. *wink*

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