Japan Trip 2016!

It was the second semester mid-term break. My friends and I had been planning this trip since last year. We bought our tickets in February. Last year, I was excited for my trip to London. This year, it was my trip to Japan. Specifically, we went to Osaka, Nara, and Kyoto! It was a 5 nights 6 days trip. What’s more exciting was that I went there with a bunch of awesome people! Our flight lasted for 6 hours. I personally hate long haul flights. I wish I could just teleport. Good thing our flight was in the middle of the night so that I could sleep soundly on board. Or so I thought… haha. I woke up, went to sleep, woke up, and then went to sleep again. What do you expect when you’re seated at the economy seat. Of course comfort wasn’t a priority.
Ok, enough of that. I’ll summarize the trip with pictures and captions. Here we go. (They are not arranged in a chronological order.)
First day at Dotonbori, Osaka! There are a lot of restaurants and clothing stores around here.
A trip overseas wouldn’t be fun without the company of awesome people! (Also, I look good in this picture. haha)

Dotonbori River! The view was spectacular at night.

at the Kohfukuji Temple Nara (travel buddies photobombing)

The season around this time was almost the end of Summer. It was pretty hot. No difference with Malaysia. haha

Saying goodbye. This was at Dotonbori, Osaka. 

Hanging out at the guesthouse. This was at Sakura Guesthouse. If you don’t mind small spaces and a bathroom that is located 4 storeys below from your room, then this guesthouse is for you. Besides, it’s affordable. Google it if you plan to visit Osaka and looking for a place to stay.

Authentic matcha ice cream!

They roam freely in Nara. Some of them could snatch your handbag out of the blue. It didn’t happen to anyone of us but I saw it happened to other people. LOL.

Osaka Castle! To snap this was free!

I miss drinking that. The drink that I had in my hand. It’s Starbuck’s matcha green tea latte. No, I didn’t buy that in a Starbucks outlet. It’s sold in a store called ‘Lawson’.

On top of Umeda Sku Building!

Good fella.

At Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan. It is famous for its bamboo trees. (Yes, I was wearing baju kurung in Japan because it was Hari Raya Haji in Malaysia that day. I don’t observe the celebration but my travel buddies do.)

With our tour guide at Arashiyama. His name is Kenzo.

Sushi Restaurant at Nara. It’s Muslim-friendly.

Thank you, Air Asia X!

Waiting for the train to Osaka from the airport. Very convenient!

Halal Ramen restaurant at the Kansai International Airport.
At Fushimi Inari. It’s the symbol of Japan.

At Umeda Osaka. Bought some Pokemon merchandise for our lovelies back home.

Savouring Kobe beef. It was SO FREAKIN DELCIOUS!!!!

Old town of Kyoto. Higashiyama.

Apart from sight-seeing, of course I observed the people and their culture there. Travelling is not just about sight-seeing, it’s also about learning, gaining knowledge, and expanding the mind about other cultures.

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