Kaamatan 2010 – my best Kaamatan ever!!!!

My Kaamatan this year was really off the hook! Cyphered with the b-boys for two straight days outside of Atama’s promoting booth. Hung out and talked crazy shits with them as well. Woohoo~Apart from that, my family did a family business beside the valai Rungus. We were there since the 29th of May. We sold drinks. It sold like hot cakes when the weather is hot. The profit that we made was very satisfactory. I get 10% from the profit. MONEY~~ ($_$) And I’m freakin jealous of people with a DSLR camera…gonna own one someday. Hm, I should start browsing.

I even gave my classmate, Afiq(he’s from Terengganu and is stuck in Sabah for 1 week) a tour around KDCA. It feels glad to introduce my culture to people outside of my culture.
One thing I realized about the weather these days…it tends to get really hot in the morning until in the afternoon and after that it rains heavily. Bummer~

The winner for this year’s Unduk Ngadau goes to the representative from Tg Aru. Congratz!

We’re very colourful~ =D

Our stall during day 1 (not many people…=_=)

Afiq with the dusun tatana sumandaks and tanak wagus…

Afiq with the people of…I forgot. :-/


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