‘Kingsman:The Golden Circle’ – Subjectivism & the value of the lives of the drug users [SPOILER ALERT]

If you haven’t seen ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ and don’t want spoilers, I suggest you to stop reading now. But if you haven’t but don’t mind spoilers, well,welcome to my lair.
In the movie, you’ll see people that will develop blue rashes on their faces which is due to consuming a concoction that contains various types of drugs which was developed by Poppy Adam, the antagonist in this movie. The plot of the movie then progresses to show how these people were to be saved by Eggsy, Harry, and Merlin through their mission in getting the antidote.
The issue that I have identified in this movie is regarding the subjective perceptions on the value of human life. In this movie, this refers to the drug users. The President and Agent Whiskey both perceived the value of the life of the drug users as worthless due to the trouble that drug users have caused to both of them. For The President, he doesn’t want to take any action to save the lives of the drug users. He would prefer for them to die so as he deems this group of people are the cause of drug problems in the country and only causing more trouble. If they die, there won’t be any drug problems anymore because all of the drug users will be dead. His reasoning is to aim for efficiency, but it lacks humanitarian values. As for Agent Whiskey, he tries to stop the antidote from getting into the hands of the infected drug users and doesn’t want them to be saved because he considers it as a plan to avenge for his dead wife who was killed by drug users while she was in the store. His reasoning is based on his feelings for his dead wife. Although this involves the emotions of ‘love’, it only involves love for one person, not the whole of humanity. Both see no value in the life of the drug users, their reasoning is only to serve what’s important to them but not for humanity to sustain.
The agents of Kingsman and Statesman, as well as Fox represent individuals who see the value of the life of the drug users. It is typical for a movie to portray heroes that save the lives of the people in danger and destroy the enemy – Poppy and The Golden Circle. Heroes here refer to Eggsy and Harry, and Merlin as well as the rest of the agents of Kingsman and Statesman. It’s their job. Merlin is the one who sacrificed himself in order for the mission to go well. He took part in the mission to save the lives of the drug users by taking his own life just so that millions of those infected could be saved and considers it as his duty as a Kingsman agent. As for Fox, she pitied the drug users and deemed The President to be unethical in his solution to solve the problem. However, towards the end, she became infected with the drug herself and became a part of the group that needs to be saved. This part of the movie may have the purpose to evoke a sense of pity toward the audience and the realization that the infected drug users are humans too which is further magnified through Mrs Fox who got infected herself toward the end.
Our human tendency to empathize or to be apathetic toward other human beings all boils down to how we see the value of our own life and also the value of other people’s lives. It’s confusing that in certain moral crisis we have to choose between our own life or other people’s. This is what I think that’s thought-provoking about this movie. 

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