Late night sleep…more like early morning sleep~ haha~

Since I had finish my SPM examinations and ended school, I often sleep around in the early hours of the day….around 1am, 2am or 3am. I’m not used to sleeping early anymore. Haha~ (its 1.25am now) mueheehe~~ Wat do i owez do around at this time??? Go on9…chat…sometimes i go for late night snack. Ha! I still remember when I was still schooling…i owez sleep at 9pm or 10pm. Now…there’s no more for that…except if I’m woking. Most of my frenz are late-night(or early-morning) sleepy heads. Now…im turning into one of them. Muahak~ My parents doesn’t even know that I stayed up this late. So…shhh……. Hm, im kinda sleepy now. *yawn*

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