Lenka – the show

This song seems to be everywhere!! In blogs and personal internet profiles. I 1st heard this song in someone’s blog…which was only yesterday. It was annoying at 1st cuz there was no pause button. Due to that, I can’t hear my own fav song playing through the Windows Media Player. Ahhh….so I paused the song that was playing in the WMP and just listened to the song that was playing in that person’s blog while reading her entries. After few minutes of listening to the song, I thought ‘this song sounds kinda cute’ but the title and the artist of the song was not stated. Huhu~~ I was dissapointed for a second. But…life must go on…


Earlier today, I went to my dad’s old work place with my dad. As I stepped in to the building, there it goes…that song again!! In my mind-“This song again!!!! Who sang this song??? What’s the title????? I’ve got to know the artist and the title of this song!!!!” Yeah, I went crazy for a sec. Such a cute song…hehe~

Few minutes ago…I was blog roaming and I found this one particular entry. It showed a picture of the artist and the title of the song. So I thought-“Could this be the artist and the title of the song that I was dying to know?????” Arghhh…I was a little a lil bit paranoid just cuz of a song. =_=” gilak.. So I typed the artist and the title in the youtube search engine. I clicked one of the search results. The video was loading… The song was playing… My expression went like this – ‘O_O….THIS IS THE SONG!!!’ I almost jumped out of my seat! The feeling was as if I had just solved a mystery. Lolz..

So, here’s the song..

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