Life’s brief candle~

No, I’m not gonna write that Form 1 syllabus poem…=_=”

Have u ever guys thought that while u r sitting there reading this post some people in this earth are suffering and dying??? Well yeah, it’s true. Whether they are young or old, they are suffering from a disease and there is no hope for them to live a longer life. All that their waiting for is for God to call them and exhale or inhale their last breath.

I have a friend, he is in this current situation. After few months of knowing him, no wonder he’s always sick, talks about ‘death’ and that life can be taken away at anytime and place.He’s suffering from brain cancer. He told me that he has to leave the person that he loves cuz he doesn’t wanna burden her and make her worry. All he wants is to be by his family’s side before he ‘leaves’. I was shocked when he told me about his condition…i cried for him. I can’t believe I was going to lose someone special in my life again…i’m not gonna be able to see him anywhere in this earth ever again. I don’t know when his day will come…but sooner I’ll know whether he still walks on this earth or not.

All of this has made me thought about life…how short it is. What he always said to me still lingers in my mind…he said ‘We won’t know when our life will be taken away…it can happen at any time and at any place.’ Those are the words that he kept saying and had always left me blank. But now I understand why…

Since the moment that he told me about his condition, i kept thinking about life and death. Some people are over-enjoying their lives and doing sins on earth while other people are suffering and are only waiting for their ‘call’.

As long as I still stand on this earth, I will make the best of it. Doing good things and what benefits me and other people around me. And also saying sorry to those around me whom I have hurt. Like my lovely friend said, ‘We won’t know when our life will be taken away…it can happen at any time and at any place. We better say sorry to the ones that we have hurt before its too late.’

To my lovely & special friend:
Take good care of your health. Do good things in the last days of ur life. Repent before its too late. I will always remember u and all the moments we have shared.

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