Meet my new boyfriend!

Finally! The Nikon D3100 is mine!! Its name is Jem, named after one of the characters in ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’~ It is pronounced as ‘gem‘. U know, the jewel that people think is precious. Because the camera is so precious to me so, there you go. Jem it is. Named it Nicco earlier but I kinda forgot my cousin has already named her Nikon as Nicco. Oops~ hahaha~ xD . I’ve been patiently waiting for almost 3 months. Now it is in my possession. Thanks to God and my parents for making it all happen. As I’ve mentioned in my past post, my parents will contribute half of the money for this baby. And guess what, I contributed more than half. Kekeke~~~ *tembirang skjp* I bought it at KK Plaza. I bought it at a discounted price off course.

One of the first few shots taken with the Nikon D3100.
Meet my bro!
I’m still a noob in handling the camera. Gonna explore more…


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