Megalong training ground!

The thing that I get excited for everyday….that is if I’m not busy or having any muscle cramps. I would go here to train everytime I feel like it. It’s my new training spot when I’m staying at my college hostel because the bus fee from my hostel is cheaper and the location is nearer. Thanks to this place and the diligent b-boys training there…I feel so much joy to train! I don’t want to slack off this time. While I still have much free time on my hands, it’s better for me to go for training. My main focus now is footwork and to clean up my new sets.

These pictures were taken last Saturday at Megalong’s main atrium. There was a photographer there taking pictures of us while we were training. I guess he was doing some street or candid photography. I didn’t realize he was taking pictures of me but as soon as I realized it, I went off and sit down. [haha…malu bha…. >.<] More pictures from the training here.

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