My bgirling history

Prefered to be known as Zell, a Capricon, Born on 12th January 1991, And idolises Bboy Born and Bgirl Ace, Narumi, Shiechan

Yah, so here’s a history about when I 1st started breakin…until now.

The 1st breakdance video I saw was Extreme Crew’s video. I thought only guys do breakdancing….but then i saw bgirl ace and bgirl red doing their moves in the video. I was impressed that a girl could do breakdance as well. Deep inside my heart…i wanted to learn. But my back then bf didn’t want me to get involve in breakdancing as it was dangerous and somehow inappropriate for a girl to do…in his eyes. So I thought, I will never be like those girls I saw in the video earlier. That was at the near end of 2006…

In 2007, I was interested in the emo culture and started to like the emo dressings. Yeah, so I was emo in the early of the year. I was never interested in the hiphop culture. My bf was active in bboying. I tend to follow what he does. xD I started to learn some few moves from my friend…Andro a.k.a BBoy Matt. The 1st move i learned was L-kick! Haha….dat move was hard. I could’nt carry my weight up. Huhu~~ I practiced that move at home but still could’nt get used to it. I gave up on it. At this period of time, my interest for bboying comes and goes. I was not sure whether I wanted to learn it or not. Few months later, the interest came back. This was because of one of my friendster friends was a bgirl(she still is). Her name is Timmy a.k.a Bgirl Shizz. I saw her doing the baby freeze. So i thought, I wanted to learn dat move! It was a basic freeze that most beginners start with. I asked ‘The Breakin White Crew(former name of Zodiac Crew)’ members to teach me the baby freeze! It was damned hard! I kept falling!! Huhuhuuhu~~~~~ But i practiced that freeze at home and got used to it. I neglected the basics! Which was the toprock and footwork! I’ve only begin to learn toprock seriously at the end of year 2007. For footwork?? I hated doing footwork…I couldn’t carry my own body weight. I was lazy to learn ‘em. Heh~ I learned new moves such as invert(my favourite move!!), 2 handed airbaby and others….err, I forgot. Haha~ My breakdance experience in 2007 was mostly a beginner’s experience of breakin. But I was determined to be the best bgirl! At least in Sabah.

In 2008, early of the year, I had my 1st battle experience with the evening session students. I was still kinda noobish at that time. My toprock wasn’t smooth eventhough I’ve experimented with some style at that time. For footwork…I can’t do them at all! I just get into the floor and do what I know! I felt heavy when I do them. So I figured, footwork is one of the basics of bboying. So in the midst of my lazy ass condition in learning footwork, I started to learn them anyway so that I can carry my body weight and get used to it while doing them. While learning trying to smoothen up my toprock and footwork, I started to get interested in style~ Yeah, so I experimented with some style for my toprock. For footwork…not yet. I decided to go slow and steady. Besides, I promised myself not to concentrate so much on breakdancing as I have SPM coming up. When my toprock improved and had some flava in it, I concentrated on my footwork and trying to make it smooth. For footwork, I was 1st used to using my whole palm. Few of my online friends suggested that I use half of my palm…which is my fingers. It hurts when used them for the 1st time. But i kept practicing and practicing until I was used to it.

So, until now, that is all I have accomplished. I brushed up my basics. After SPM, I’ll be learning advanced moves and transitions. I hope to be the best!

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