My mother tongue…

Well, I’m actually a mix of Rungus(my dad) and Kadazan(my mom). In terms of politics, we are categorized as the ‘Kadazandusuns’. It’s kind of the general term for us Bumiputeras here in Sabah. If I mention Rungus as my race to my friends, especially to my non-Sabahan friends, they will not know what race that is as they have never heard of it before. So, I usually mention ‘Kadazan’ as my race.

My mom speaks Kadazan to me at home…with a little bit of English. But I would always reply to her in English when I was little. My dad on the other hand, never speaks Rungus to me..haihz..why oh why… I never bothered to learn the language when I was in primary school. I only know how to speak word by word and not sentence by sentence. It’s only recently that i know how to speak in Kadazan. I only converse in Kadazan to my mom and her side of the family. It took some time for me to learn it though. And I’m getting the hang of it…hehe

I have a lot of Kadazandusun friends here in IP Gaya. But the ones that I’m close to is a Rungus and a Dusun. Eventhough the language is a bit different…in terms of spelling and words(some…not much)…the grammatical usage is still the same. So, there’s an advantage there for me to learn Kadazan. Hehehehe~~~

I will be very ashamed if I don’t learn the language as the language is starting to become extinct. The language is very unique to me you see…hehe~ It’s never too late to learn something right?

Au zou songkuo pandai moboos kadazan bo ti… ‘noob’ ka bo di tuhun topuak.. haha~ Isai2 nopo nakabasa tia blog ku… Nung iziau ti tuhun kadazan om apandai ih moboos kadazan… Sunudai zou kio… heheh….

See? Lol…

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