My short story: ‘Words Kill’

About a month ago, there was an advertisement posted on Lejen Press’ Instagram regarding the search for entries for their upcoming English horror/psycho thriller anthology. I was reluctant to write for the anthology at first due to assignments and workloads plus that time was when it was the peak where our Academic Exercise was supposed to be submitted the week after. But then I asked myself, how long can an opportunity such as this to arrive again? So without hesitating any further, I thought of a story line for the short story.
So today is the day where my short story alongside with other short stories are debuting in a form of an e-book. It’s available through the ‘Lejen’ app which can be downloaded on Google Play for free. It’s still in progress for iOS though. The title for the anthology is ‘Death Through One’s Eyes’.
I hope to grab as many opportunities as I can where I can get my short stories published in the future.

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