My SPM result…

Before the day of the release of the SPM result, I had dreams about my SPM result…I dreamed about it twice! Yikes! Some people say that dreams do come true and some say dreams are just the imaginary things that play in our heads when we sleep. Well this time, for me, my dream came true… Woots~~~ I’m relieved that I obtained good results eventhough they are not straight A’s…but I’m grateful enough… Right now, I’m very eager to continue my studies in the tertiary level of education… I’ve already applied the course of my interest which is either Hotel Management, TESL (Teaching English as Second Language) , Graphic Designing and Tourism Management at Those are my top 4 choices out of the 8 that I have chosen when I filled up the application. To tell u the truth..I never thought that I wanted to be a teacher…lolz.. But since my English is A1 and my GCE-O is also A1…I might as well give it a shot~ kekekeke……

Tadaa~~ my SPM result:

Bahasa Malaysia-3B
Pendidikan Seni Visual-A2
Ekonomi Asas-A1

igonore the B’s…look at the A’s!!! hahahahahahahaha……!!!!! It’s just like what i expected it to be…kekeke…

P/S: I wanna make my hair grow long……


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