My thoughts for this week

1. Exercise is good

My weight is being inconsistent lately. Off course, I did not go on a diet. I only went for exercise at Taman Rimba and lost a few pounds. Perspiration is good for the body. Makes us healthy! The types of activities that I usually do at Taman Rimba are running up & down the stairs, ‘lari setempat’, sit ups & walk around the whole park. That’s pretty much it.
2. Study more, study seriously, study hardcoooore & study smart during the holidays before the examination in January.
I’m not hoping to get into the dean’s list but I want to maintain my GPA and not let it drop drastically. My test scores & assignment marks are not giving me any hope in getting above 3.50 but I can try.
3. His smile brightens my day~ ^.^
How come I did not notice him when I first enrolled here? I only noticed him this semester and we won’t be seeing each other anymore after this semester. Oh well… But I only have one thing to say…whichever girl that has him as a husband in the future, will surely be a lucky girl. 😉

I love checkered shirts.

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