Perfect smile~

One thing that I’m very insecure about is my teeth. I am quite jealous of people with a perfect smile and perfect teeth. Why? Because I don’t have a perfect smile and perfect teeth. I have a crooked and an unnatural smile when taking pictures and my two front teeth are jutting out a bit and there are certain angles that make me look like a horse…or a rabbit…but most probably it will be a horse (yes, LOL). I’ve been pestering my parents about wanting to have braces since last year. But I know it will be costly. I hope I can get braces next year in UiTM because I heard they offer free braces for UiTM students. I don’t know if they still have the offer though. If they don’t, I’ll have to go to government clinics. Does anyone out there knows how much does it cost to apply braces in government clinics? I heard it’s cheaper than private clinics. 

you can see clearly that my two front teeth are jutting out and it’s not even my natural smile!!!

P/s: completed my assignments for this semester but there will be one big project exhibition for Children’s Literature that will be presented around October. Exams will be held January next year! But right now I have to focus on quizzes and tests. 


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