I have always been enthusiastic about photography, photo editing and photo manipulation. What I’m currently working and studying on is photography. I really wanna polish on my photographing skills. There are many guides and tutorials that can be found on the net regarding photography. I usually go to Deviant Art for the tutorials. I even ask people on facebook for tips and guides. I love taking portrait pictures. My equipment for taking pictures is just an ordinary compact digital camera. Canon Digital IXUS 80 IS (view pic here, read review here). I wish to own a DSLR camera someday. It is in my wish list. The problem is I don’t know where to get the money for it. I’ll just use the one that I have right now. But the only thing that I’m not satisfied with the functions of a compact digital camera is that it won’t produce blurry backgrounds when focusing an object which is a few meters away from the camera. The DSLR camera can do just the opposite. To get a blurry background, I had to edit it. (sounds like cheating…lol~) I would like to experiment on different types of scenery and backgrounds for my photographing pleasure. And also the people in the picture. Hehe~

I have snapped a few pictures with the compact digital camera and edited it a bit. Here are the results. Thanks to my classmates for posing for me.

Idk why…but I’m not quite satisfied with this one. :-/

This one is really candid…that’s Rachel.

I really love the outcome of this picture. (it’s not because I’m in the pic okayy….) Credits to Rachel for snapping this one for me…I taught her on how to work with the camera. But off course, this wasn’t the actual view and size of the picture. I cropped it a little bit and made it look zoomed. Zoomed pics are always nice.

Hm…gotta find more ‘victims’ to pose for me…miahahaha….xD
P/S: Anyone of you out there who are photographically inclined….comments and constructive criticisms are welcome.


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